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Coverking Custom Fit Spring new work one after another Car Cover Volkswagen Select 5 popular for Jetta Model

Coverking Custom Fit Car Cover for Select Volkswagen Jetta Model


Coverking Custom Fit Car Cover for Select Volkswagen Jetta Model


Product description

Configuration:with Trunklid Spoiler; Except Cup Edition

Product description


Mosom Plus is a super-thick material that even offers protection against minor impact and light hail
Impressive Water-Resistant Outdoor Protection Plus Soft Inner Liner

Mosom Plus is a super-thick, five layer material that is one of Coverking's most water-resistant covers. Its thickness even shields against dings, dents, and knocks resulting from minor contact including light hail. Mosom Plus affords your vehicle a degree of protection when you're rearranging the carport, or on those rainy days when the kids are playing in the garage. It's construction consists of a meltdown polypropylene layer sandwiched by two outer layers of spunbound material. Mosom Plus offers the protection of Coverbond 4 with an added waterproof layer sandwiched in the middle, and an added soft fleece inner liner. Like all Coverking fabrics, Mosom Plus is breathable – this allows moisture which is trapped under the car to escape through the cover, preventing a “greenhouse” effect and condensation which may result in damage to your finish or a buildup of mildew. It's engineered to let existing moisture out, but keep new moisture from entering. Mosom Plus is designed for four-season defense against rain, UV rays, tree sap, bird droppings, and more. Besides offering great protection to your finish, vehicle covers also protect the vehicle interior from fading, block prying eyes from seeing what’s inside the car (and acting as a theft deterrent) and help the environment by reducing the need for car washing. Mosom Plus is a great choice for all-around vehicle protection outside or in your garage. For extreme rain and snow, you may want to consider Coverking's Stormproof.

Tailored For Your Vehicle

Like a fine suit, your cover is made to fit the curves and features of your car, truck, or SUV. One of Coverking's pattern designers spent time with your model vehicle and used 3D scanners and special software to record every compound curve and detail. That data is then used to create a world-class cover with the fewest seams possible. Seams are inherently the weakest area of any sewn product, so Coverking also overlaps and double-stitches all seams with heavy, wax-coated thread. The thin coating of wax helps to seal the fabric where the needle pierced through, reducing the chance of leakage through the seam. Custom mirror and antenna pockets are sewn in to allow the cover to rest snuggly on your vehicle's exterior. This reduces flapping in the wind and movement which, over time, can damage your finish. Neoprene elastic tensioners at the front and rear hold the cover securely in place. The non-scratch, protected grommets work with a lock and cable to prevent theft and further secure the cover.

American Made Quality

When you order your Mosom Plus cover, a skilled crafstman at our state-of-the-art facility in California begins the process of creating the ultimate cover for your vehicle. Your cover is made-to-order according to your vehicle and specifications, and quickly shipped to your door. Coverking custom vehicle covers are designed and cut on sophisticated CAD/CAM systems, which Coverking pioneered more than twenty years ago.

Superior Material

Mosom Plus was developed by Coverking's vehicle protection experts and engineers. The qualities that make a vehicle cover suitable for use depend largely on the fabric properties. Coverking designs it’s own fabrics, and has the world’s leading textile mills handle the manufacturing. Because Coverking has a team of engineers to specify exact material composition and construction, it is able to meet the most stringent material test requirements set out by the world’s leading vehicle manufacturers. Coverking does not use “off-the-shelf” fabrics, which are ill-suited to vehicle cover needs.

Caring for Your Cover

Mosom Plus is designed to be low-maintenance and inherently easy to keep clean. However, to keep your cover functioning optimally, your cover may need to be cleaned periodically. Dirt and dust on either side of the cover can degrade its ability to repel moisture. Cleaning your cover is simple. Install the cover on your vehicle in a shaded area and hose off any loose dirt. If necessary, wash it further with a soft sponge or cloth soaked in water with a mild, bio-degradable cleaner. Hose it down again and hang to air dry. To clean the inside, simply install the cover inside-out and follow the same steps. Keeping your cover clean will ensure years of optimal protection.

Product Use Notices

DO NOT cover a repainted vehicle immediately. Check with your painter or body shop for recommended cure time. Premature use of cover in this situation could cause damage to repainted surfaces or lacquer paint. Coverking is not liable for this damage. DO NOT cover a wet vehicle. DO NOT cover a vehicle with convertible top down, windows or sun roof open, or T-tops removed. DO NOT use a cover while trailering a vehicle. DO NOT remove the cover in the unusual circumstance that a layer of ice has formed between the cover and the vehicle. This layer of ice must be thawed before removal. Pour warm water over the cover to expedite thawing. DO NOT rely soley on the elasticized bottom of the cover in high-winds. Please use the grommets to secure the cover in extreme conditions.

Warranty amp; Satisfaction Guarantee

Mosom Plus comes with a standard 1-year warranty against any defects in workmanship and materials. If a product fails under normal use during the warranty period, Coverking will repair or replace the product.

Coverking Custom Fit Car Cover for Select Volkswagen Jetta Model

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